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Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to outline the terms and conditions and process applicable to warranty claims for On brand shoes that were purchased online from Tifosi Sports (PTY) LTD, Registration 2017/295490/07; herein after referred to as “Tifosi” or “we/us”.

2. Updates to this document

Tifosi reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions from time to time at our sole discretion. The warranty policy is governed by On International in Zurich and any changes made to their warranty policy will affect the warranty policy terms and conditions applicable in South Africa and the neighbouring countries. Updates will be published on the Tifosi website from time to time and we urge you to check back regularly to keep up to date with the latest version our warranty policy.

3. Distributorship

Tifosi Sports (PTY) LTD is the authorised distributor in Southern Africa for On branded shoes, apparel and accessories. Tifosi does not manufacture the On footwear and the warranty for all On running shoes is held by the manufacturer. Tifosi is authorised to administer the warranty claims in Southern Africa on behalf of On AG (Switzerland) for any items distributed through authorised Tifosi sales channels.

4. What is covered under warranty?

The On warranty policy covers manufacture defects for On shoes that are less than 6 (six) months old from the date of dispatch and/or invoice by the vendor (whichever is earlier).

When used for its intended purpose, On footwear has a life expectancy of approximately 480km to 800km depending on the model and materials used in the specific footwear style.

This warranty policy is not applicable to any On shoes obtained from an unapproved vendor. Please visit the “Store Locator” section of this website www.tifosisports/store-locator to view all the approved On resellers in our region.

The On warranty process does not cover customer care matters that arise due to improper fit, normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, improper use outside of the products intended purpose, alteration to the product and/or negligence.

5. Process for warranty claims

Tifosi will only consider warranty claims that are submitted using the following process:

  • You must return the relevant product to the approved store or vendor from which it was purchased.
  • The following information must be provided to the vendor:
    • A valid tax invoice for the original purchase which must contain:
      • shoe style
      • shoe size
      • shoe colour
      • date of purchase
      • place of purchase and vendor name
      • the value of the purchase
    • A minimum of 3 (three) clear, reasonable quality photographs showing:
      • the damaged area on both shoes
      • the tread on the sole of both shoes
      • the inside tongue of the shoe showing the size (tongue label)
  • The vendor will contact Tifosi with the above information and the Tifosi staff will conduct a preliminary analysis to determine whether the warranty claim should be assessed further.
  • If the Tifosi team determines that the On shoe does not constitute a valid warranty claim, Tifosi will notify the vendor, who will notify you of the rejected claim.
  • If the Tifosi team determines that the On shoe may constitute a valid warranty claim, Tifosi will arrange with the approved vendor to send the physical shoe to the Tifosi head office at the cost of the vendor.
  • Upon receipt of the shoe, Tifosi will examine the On shoe and will make a final decision as to whether the product has suffered normal wear and tear, abuse, or has a manufacturing or stitching fault that meets the warranty policy.
  • If, upon inspection of the physical shoe, Tifosi determines that the claim is not a valid warranty claim, the shoe will be returned to the vendor who will in turn notify you to collect it. If you fail to collect the shoe from the vendor within a reasonable time, the shoe will be destroyed and you will not be compensated.
  • If, upon inspection of the physical shoe, Tifosi determines that it is a valid warranty claim due to a manufacturing defect, Tifosi will arrange a replacement shoe to be issued to you via courier or via the approved vendor.

6. Why your warranty claim could be rejected

All warranty claims are evaluated by Tifosi on a case-by-case basis. Only approved cases will qualify for a replacement pair of On shoes / apparel / accessories (whichever item is applicable) “free of charge” or a credit note being issued. Your claim could be rejected for the following reasons:

  • the item was not used for the intended purpose
  • the items was damaged due to wear and tear and not manufacturer’s defect
  • Tifosi may elect to repair any stitching defects instead of replacing the item
  • you have not supplied the necessary documents as outlined above
  • you have not followed the correct warranty process
  • you have submitted repeat claims for a single purchase
  • your claim is for an item that was purchased more than 6 (six) months ago

7. Terms and conditions of warranties

All warranty claims will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

All successful warranty claims will take a minimum of 5 (five) working days for a replacement warranty shoe to be processed and delivered to you or to the vendor. Any delay in Tifosi obtaining the correct documentation or receiving incomplete documentation will result in a delay in the warranty claim process.

Only On footwear with clear, definitive defects will be assessed under our warranty process

Any customer care issues arising from matters such as improper fit or incorrect advice given by the vendor will be referred to the relevant vendor to resolve with the customer at the vendor’s full cost. Tifosi will not consider any such cases for warranty claim assessment or credit note.

Should there be a difference between the original purchase price of the On warranty shoe at the time of a successful warranty claim, you will be required to settle the difference by making payment before the warranty replacement will be released to you.

In the instance where a subsequent claim arises from the same initial On shoe purchase, then such warranty case shall be referred to Tifosi Management for final resolution.

Tifosi may, at their sole discretion, decide to credit or refund a customer instead of issuing a replacement shoe for a successful warranty claim or may replace the customer with a similar shoe.

For any further clarity in connection with the On Warranty Policy, please email us on

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