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Train for your fastest race yet with On

Almost daily in South Africa, we continue to hear about the disappointments of many runners and triathletes who have not been able to race in the last two years due to cancelled events.

For many athletes, the events that they have entered and trained for are what “keeps them sane” in these stressful times. Inevitably, when their chosen events finally take place, Race Day is the so-called “be-all and end-all” for such individuals.

From our Blairgowrie office in Johannesburg, the team at Tifosi Sports continues to proactively research and understand our customers’ needs, as we strive to help these athletes to reduce their stress and injuries – all this, by providing the best training and speed racing shoes for their needs.

Similarly, following extensive lab testing in Zürich and feedback from running world champs, the On brand now offers performance running shoes for athletes and individuals looking to improve their speed racing times in both road running and trail running events.

When it comes to On-branded racing shoes, customers can now also choose the Cloudboom Echo or the Cloudstratus for road running, and the Cloudultra for trail running races. 

The Cloudboom Echo

This ultra-light shoe with a carbon Speedboard® has been made for the runner that is seeking their fastest marathon or best road racing time. The Cloudboom Echo has a minimalist styling, with fewer overlay details and a lacing box that flows almost seamlessly into the front white mesh. The cloud elements on the heel of the Cloudboom Echo are large to support the runner in the latter stages of a long run.

The Cloudstratus

Although the Cloudstratus isn’t designed with the same racing focus as the Cloudboom Echo, this is still a shoe that performs exceptionally well when you need to run long and fast, but in supreme comfort. This shoe is also ideal as a versatile daily trainer, or for runners looking for a supportive running shoe for long races such as Comrades Marathon or other ultramarathon distances. The entire outsole of the Cloudstratus features a double layer of clouds.

The Cloudultra

The Cloudultra is a fast, supportive and comfortable trail running shoe, built for long trail runs and off-road training on both forest trails and gravel roads. This performance running trail shoe also features a double layer of clouds made from Helion™ superfoam, and Missiongrip™ that provides the traction you need to outrun the competition.

If you are looking for the latest innovation in speed racing shoes, try our new range of On performance running shoes, or visit one of our approved retailers. Visit for more information.

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