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Co-founder Olivier Bernhard sits down with CNBC - Tifosi Sports

The story of On: Co-founder Olivier Bernhard sits down with CNBC

In just more than a decade, the Swiss running shoe brand On went from start-up to a company with a valuation of $7 billion.

On Co-founder Olivier Bernhard talks to CNBC Make It’s Nate Skid about his illustrious triathlon career, and how it led him to looking for a running shoe that offered a different sensation to runners.

When a friend who was working as an engineer in Zurich brought him a prototype shoe featuring pieces of garden hose attached to the sole, Bernhard was perplexed, but his interest was piqued as soon as he took the shoes to the road.

“But then, finally, I ran in that sample and it struck me. It was something I never felt before, and there was so much of that sensation I felt like, woah, this is really helping the runners to show what running is all about.”

After roping in David Alleman and Caspar Coppetti, On was officially launched in 2010, with their head office based in Zurich.

Learn more about how On made it big in the video below.

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