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Running as a fitness activity is growing since the Covid pandemic started

How life has changed for the global community since the start of 2020.

Every day, we hear about the negative affects of Covid-19 on people’s lives, both emotionally and physically. Yet, one of the many ways people can use to help to arm their bodies to deal with the various illnesses currently in circulation is to keep their bodies and immune systems as active and as strong as possible.

Statistical information gathered over the past 24 months has shown that running as an activity has achieved a boost in participation, and that 29% of all current runners only started running for the first time during the pandemic.

People’s running behaviour has also changed to include increased volume in running mileage with less intensity – the latter may be due to many triathlon and other sporting events being cancelled.

Runners and walkers are clearly now being motivated to “get out there” by fitness, well-being, stress relief and freedom, rather than competition and performance. The research team at On has also found that the younger generation in various countries are seeking a greater connection with the real world and with nature.

On and Tifosi Sports remain focused to grow sales in both current and future consumer segments to adopt the brand. In order to reach out to more customers in all three categories of PAD (Performance All Day), PR (Performance Running) and PO (Performance Outdoor), On has significant plans to expand the range of shoes for each of the categories, which are sure to help the brand grow market share in 2022.

Expect to also see a new and improved range of apparel to complement each of the three tiered categories detailed above.

Onwards and upwards into 2022 we go.

Come On and join us for the ride!

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