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With our head office based in Blairgowrie in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tifosi Sports is a specialised distributor of sports products and an official agent of select European brands such as ON Running Shoes.

With our head office based in Blairgowrie in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tifosi Sports is a specialised distributor of sports products and an official agent of select European brands such as ON Running Shoes.

Initially named “Tifosi Cycling”, the business was started in South Africa in 2010 by a group of friends who were passionate cyclists and avid sports fans.  Two of the founders were Christopher Froome (now a Team Ineos member and multiple winner of the Tour de France) and Andrew Somerville (an avid cyclist and passionate supporter of the sport).

At that time, the friends shared the view that the choice of cycling clothing and protective wear available in South Africa was inadequate for the average cycling enthusiast.  The founders’ initial plan was to set about sourcing state of the art sports products from select Italian manufacturers – this included customised clothing for business teams, cycling club members and professional teams in South Africa.

Five years after launching the business, the Executive Team took a strategic decision to place more focus on the distribution of sports products that may suit the needs of tri-athletes and runners – such as Running shoes, Apparel and Compression clothing – with a lesser focus on the sporting needs of cyclists.

In 2018 the business was renamed Tifosi Sports and new shareholders and partners were introduced to strengthen the corporate structure, strategic direction and overall operations team in the business.

The current operations team of Tifosi Sports is lead by Nick Zografos as CEO and ably supported by Jacques Botha, Lazinda Te Brugge, Wesley Govindasamy, Megan Singh and Justin Woolven, with Andrew Somerville and Nick Zografos serving as Directors of the company.

Since launching the distribution of the Swiss Engineered Running Shoe Brand named On into South Africa in 2017, our yearly revenues have doubled year-on-year and our top line is expected to exceed R35 million for the 2020 calendar year.

The ON brand of running shoes and apparel has become one of the most sort after brands in the active wear and running fraternity in SA and abroad and we remain excited for the future prospects of the Tifosi Sports business.



Unlike many companies that focus on supporting Social Responsibility Programs that have been developed by other parties, to date, we have taken a different approach and chosen to give back differently.

Donation of On shoes to Sparrow Schools Educational Trust

In May 2021, Tifosi Sports donated a variety of On running and On lifestyle shoes to the Sparrow Schools Educational Trust in Johannesburg. This non-profit, non-government organisation strives to give young, disadvantaged South African learners with cognitive barriers to learning the opportunity to access quality and accredited education.

Tifosi Sports is delighted to be able to contribute to this worthy cause and help Sparrow Schools’ learners achieve their educational and extracurricular goals.

Donation of Helmets to Disadvantaged individuals

The start of this project came about a few months ago when one of our Tifosi Sports Exec’s was hit by a car and was bedridden for weeks. Despite suffering numerous debilitating injuries, his head did not suffer any injuries mainly because he was wearing a state of the art helmet, a MET Rivale.

This incident reminded us that accidents with cars and cyclists happen all too frequently in South Africa. Such events do not only affect riders who cycle for sport but also individuals living in communities that use bicycles as a mode of transport to get to and from work. These previously disadvantaged individuals will often cycle in the dark (with no lights) and NO HELMET.

Tifosi Sports has chosen to make a difference in this segment.

We have run various campaigns where members of the public can donate any old helmet (in good condition) to us, and in return, they receive a 30% (thirty per cent) discount off their new MET helmet. These donated helmets are then handed out by our sales representatives who drive around all day and come across individuals riding their bicycles without helmets. These previously disadvantaged recipients are always so grateful for the donation.

Donation of various other Sporting Kit

Other initiatives undertaken by Tifosi Sports in our Corporate Social Responsibility endeavours have been the donation of old sporting product ranges, warranty kits and samples to selected coaches of previously disadvantaged kids and/or teenagers that are showing signs of being up-and-coming athletes in South Africa.

These sporting kits are checked, washed, and Tifosi Sports ensure that the sportswear is in suitable condition to wear.

Results of our Rewarding Initiatives

It is incredibly rewarding for the Tifosi Sports Team to meet the young athletes and other previously disadvantaged individuals that receive and benefit from the premium kit and/or ‘hand-me-downs’. It is even more rewarding for us to listen to the passion and enthusiasm that these individuals talk about their sporting efforts and dreams.


If you would like to take part in any of our projects, or should you wish to donate old sporting kit and accessories, please contact us on info@tifosisports.co.za, and we will ensure that these items go to the right homes or individuals.