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On Testing Zones offer you the chance to run on clouds

Swiss running shoe brand On has taken the South African market by storm, and every day, another fitness buff decides to jump on the chance to work out on clouds. Many more athletes have heard about On shoes, but haven’t had the opportunity to experience On’s signature sensation first-hand.

For this reason, Tifosi Sports is proud to present the general public with an opportunity to take a pair of On shoes on the road for a test run. These events, dubbed On Shoe Testing Zones, are often presented in conjunction with a race or other sporting event.

Testing Zones give Joe Public the chance to wear a pair of On shoes in order to ascertain the shoes’ fit, size, comfort and feel, letting them make an objective decision about buying particular On shoes. While the entire range of On shoes is usually not available at a Testing Zone, Tifosi Sports endeavours to include particular styles and models that tie in with the event taking place – for example, if a Testing Zone is presented at a trail running event, the On Cloudventure and On Cloudultra will be available to try out.

On Shoe Testing Zones are great opportunities to get a feel for the extraordinary shoes that many athletes already incorporate into their training every day. To stay on top of Testing Zones in your area, please keep an eye on the Tifosi Sports and On South Africa Facebook pages.

On Shoe Testing Zones are presented all over South Africa, and Tifosi Sports invites event organisers to reach out, should they wish to have a Testing Zone at their event, and also if they would like to request specific On shoes at the Testing Zone. In this regard, please contact the Tifosi Sports activation team at the details listed below.

Justin Woolven – Head of Technical

079 503 9714

Laura Sibiya – Head of Marketing

072 099 2518

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