On switches to new, eco-friendly packaging

On switches to new, eco-friendly packaging

The Team at On has been hard at work to introduce more recycled materials, reduce the brand’s CO2 footprint, and to introduce circular systems for all On products.

More recently, On has announced new packaging for all new styles and products, which further complements On’s sustainability strategy.

By switching to the new packaging, On is projecting to achieve the following improvements and saving in the following year:

  • 160 tons of CO2
  • 18 tons of paper
  • 15 tons of plastic 
  • 7 tons of black ink 

On’s new packaging will make eco-conscious consumers excited:

  • Shoe boxes, and socks and laces packaging will be crafted from 100% recycled materials.
  • Apparel packaging will made from more than 99.9% recycled materials.

Maya Martin from the Product Design team at On has been quoted as saying, “Letting go of the all-black branding was a discussion for us. It’s quite bold I think, to do this as a young company. But when we looked at the numbers, it stopped becoming a question of if, and rather when. The result is fresh, bright and optimistic and it still keeps the minimalistic, uncomplicated design we love.”

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