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On is a performance running shoe with a difference

What makes On shoes so different? How is it that, time after time, athletes finish on the podium wearing On – their preferred choice of running shoe?

Quite simply, On is a performance running shoe brand. The unique CloudTec® technology in each On sole, coupled with the propulsion from the Speedboard®, makes for a shoe that delivers soft landings, explosive take-offs, improved running times and the ultimate ride when running.

In past articles, we have detailed how the CloudTec® technology in On shoes helps to harness the energy of a soft landing, and delivers an explosive take-off, thereby providing forward motion and more speed.

In today’s post, we detail aspects of the Speedboard® that make every shoe within the On range different – albeit always with the purpose of delivering comfort and performance.

The Speedboard® explained

The On Speedboard® is a liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer that is placed between the CloudTec® midsole and the upper of the shoe.

If you are wondering what the Speedboard® looks like – just take a moment to look between the Cloud elements on the sole (under-side) of any On shoe – that’s where you’ll find it.

The Speedboard® in each style within the On shoe range is different, mainly in size, shape, thickness and flex.

Working in synch with the Cloudtec® outsole, every time an athlete’s foot strikes the ground, the Cloud elements compress to soften the landing. At the same time, the Speedboard® flexes and loads with energy from the impact. With the compressed Cloud elements acting as a solid platform for each push-off, a runner will transition into the take-off phase, and this is when the Speedboard® flexes, thereby releasing its energy load to propel you explosively forward. In short, it helps you run faster with the same effort

Crafting the perfect ride and performance for each runner

The team at On understands that every runner is different. That is why every On Speedboard® is crafted to deliver a specific sensation and performance – guiding, protecting and supporting the runner’s foot, and delivering increased speed. 

When designing a Speedboard® for a new style of shoe, the team at the On lab in Switzerland focuses on the following four key variables:

– Flexion: This refers to the amount of bow-like bend and release in the Speedboard®. Critical to achieving this requirement, the material, shape, and the thickness of the board all play a role in creating a balance between stiffness for high-impact energy return, and flexibility for added comfort. 

– Torsion: Torsion has to do with the extent to which the Speedboard® twists sideways when force is applied. This torsion is modified to meet the specific needs of each On style. In a support shoe, torsion can be limited for added stability, while in other models, high torsion is an advantage.

– Distribution: This refers to the distribution of energy, following the runner’s foot strike. On shoes made for maximum support have a wider Speedboard®. This works with elements such as rebound rubber and zero-gravity cloud elements to deliver a smoother run with maximum stability. 

– Spiral dynamic: Every On Speedboard® is engineered with a gentle helix shape, which mirrors the natural shape of a runner’s foot as it rolls through a stride.

If you are looking to buy new replacement performance running shoes, visit one of our approved resellers in South Africa. Alternatively, contact the Tifosi Sports Team on 076 024 7093 (ask to speak to Tshepo or Justin) to get an informed view of why On running shoes are different and, most importantly, deliver ultimate comfort and performance.

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