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On introduces most sustainable apparel collection yet with inspiring short doccie series

The Swiss running shoe and apparel manufacturer On has made a commitment to ensuring its gear is as sustainable as possible, with the brand releasing a number of products that keep nature in mind.

Among these, are the latest additions to On’s apparel collection. Introducing this collection, On released a series of short documentaries that highlight the products, as well as a number of inspiring runners and athletes that wear them.

In the first short film, fourth-generation Indigenous runner Jordan Daniel speaks of the ways in which running helps her reconnect with the land of her ancestors. Dedicated to preserving and protecting this natural treasure for later generations, Daniel is also the founder of the grassroots organisation Rising Hearts, which aims to make Indigenous voices heard.

The Zero Jacket from On’s latest apparel collection is worn by Daniel in this episode.

In the second episode of the series, viewers are introduced to Patrick Stangbye, a Skyblazers member and Hiking Patrol editor from Oslo.

Wearing the Breaker-T from On’s latest apparel collection, Stangbye describes his connection to nature, which is built upon the solace and inspiration he draws from being outdoors. In line with his philosophy of never taking more than you need, Stangbye says that nature reminds him of his true needs, stripping these down to the absolute essentials.

Kesang Ball and Sam Blenkinsopp share their life of exploration and travel in the third episode of the series. As the co-founders of the independent media platform Trippin’, Blenkinsopp and Ball aim to use tourism as a force for good, helping travellers have another mindset, which entails exploring with purpose, while also trying to do as little damage to the landscape they’re travelling in.

Dressed in On’s Active Jacket, the two travel buffs highlight how sustainable travel form the foundations of their business and their lives.  

Take a look at how On is making sustainability a staple in their apparel collection in the video below.

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