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Hybrid Shorts (M)

Men’s hybrid running shorts that are 2-in-1 running shorts with ultralight outer and supportive inner tight. Modular system works with other On Apparel.


These running shorts have a hybrid functionality. The lightweight, airy outer shorts feature a fast-drying woven fabric with versatile pockets. The snug and comfortable tights inside offer pockets to keep your phone in place. The outer and inner shorts can be worn together, individually, or with other modular On options.


Two in One

Ultralight running shorts that do it all? Our Lab team rose to the challenge. Now in their second generation, these 2-in-1 shorts are On-fan favorites. Wear each layer individually or combine ’em for twice the performance. You can attach the outer shorts over other items like our Tights Long too.


Twice the Run

The outer shorts are engineered light and airy to move fast and dry quickly. The snug inner tights have an updated fit to add gentle support while staying in place on the move. Take a summer run to the water for a swim, keep a layer dry to run back. 2-in-1, infinite possibilities.


Shorts without shortcuts

The Hybrid Shorts are everything you want Swiss-engineered running shorts to be. Not only technical and comfortable, but super practical. You get the versatile pockets on the outer layer that you’d expect.Then on the inner tight you also get hidden pockets to keep your phone and valuables secure.

Fit Athletic Environment
Activity Mixed Competition
Urban Mixed Trail
Best For

Warm-ups, cool-downs, recovery, training and competition.


192.1 g




On is constantly working on reducing the global footprint of all their products. In the near futer, sustainability information will be available for this product too. Check out more about On’s Sustainability Initiatives on the link below.

On’s Sustainability Initiatives.
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