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How to choose the right On shoes for every distance

Comfort, style and the sensation of running on clouds have all become hallmarks of the Swiss running shoe brand On. Whatever the distance you’re running, On has a shoe that will fit the bill – but which shoes suit specific distances?

If you’re running a 5K

For shorter distances, On has a great selection of staples that will turn every 5-kilometre run into an explosion of energy and speed.

On’s Cloud X and the On Cloudsurfer both offer stability and agility over shorter distances. While the Cloud X can also be used for mixed-sports, it is the perfect training shoe to prepare for your next 5K or 10K. The Cloudsurfer feels like a training shoe, thanks to the soft landings made possible by CloudTec®, but offers a kick that will make it the ideal shoe to wear on race day. Both the Cloud X and the Cloudsurfer are reactive and speedy – just what you’re looking for in a 5K shoe.

If you’re running a half marathon

Longer distances require a little more support, which is why On recommends the Cloudflyer and the Cloudflow.

While preparing for your half marathon, you’ll go crazy for the Cloudflyer’s dynamic take-offs. With your running transformed into forward motion in the On Cloudflyer, you’ll learn how to control your pace in total comfort.

On race day, the On Cloudflow will keep you comfy with Helion™ superfoam, while the shoe’s light and responsive nature ensures you are propelled forward with the speed you’re after when time is of the essence.

If you’re running a marathon

When you have your sights set on completing a marathon, you need a shoe that is as light as possible, while not sacrificing support and comfort when the going gets tough. On recommends the On Cloudstratus and the Cloudboom.   

Training for a marathon necessitates a shoe with cushioning that holds up over long distances. The Cloudstratus’s double layer of Helion™-enriched CloudTec® is just that. Enhanced vertical and horizontal cushioning protects and supports the feet while you get your mind in the game without having to worry about your shoes.

On race day, speed is essential – and the Cloudboom comes armed with loads of it. Among the world’s lightest cushioned long-distance running shoes, the Cloudboom is agile enough to help you navigate sharp turns with ease. Because it’s cushioned with one layer of CloudTec® above the carbon-infused Speedboard® and another layer below it, you’ll arrive at the race equipped with a shoe that is as comfortable over long distances as it is speedy.   

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