Meet Tifosi Sports’ and On’s partners: ILoveBoobies

Meet Tifosi Sports’ and On’s partners: ILoveBoobies

Tifosi Sports is the official distributor of the Swiss running shoe brand On’s shoes and apparel in South Africa. Being responsible corporations is critical to both Tifosi Sports and to On, and as such, we have partnered with a number of organisations and individuals that do important and valuable work in South Africa.

We are thrilled to introduce you to some of the organisations we support, and to highlight the work they do in order to better the lives of South Africans.


ILoveBoobies is a registered charity and public beneficiary organisation that aims to serve communities facing social, physical and economical barriers which restrict them from accessing proper healthcare, specifically relating to the treatment and detection of breast cancer.

The 2017 National Cancer Registry (NCR) found that breast cancer is the second-most common cancer in South African women of all races, with one in every 25 women at risk of getting breast cancer in their lives. To attract attention to this illness, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in October every year. As early detection is key in treating breast cancer, ILoveBoobies believes that everyone deserves access to the healthcare services women need.

Through fundraising efforts from the sales of ILoveBoobies socks and sporting apparel, as well as donations from the public, ILoveBoobies funds breast cancer screenings for women in remote areas of the country. When women are screened, they receive a pair of socks that serve as a reminder to do a self-examination every time they wear them. All the products ILoveBoobies sells are locally manufactured by South African women.

The organisation strongly supports the notion that living a healthy and active lifestyle can help to prevent the risk of getting cancer and, as such, uses sport as a platform to promote a healthy lifestyle. No less than 120 volunteer brand ambassadors take part in their sporting code of choice while wearing ILoveBoobies apparel, taking the organisation’s mission all across South Africa and the world.

To stay up to date about the work ILoveBoobies does, follow the organisation’s Facebook page.

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