THE ROGER Pro: Federer and On shoe collab is a match made for the court

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THE ROGER Pro: Federer and On shoe collab is a match made for the court

Multiple Grand Slam winner Roger Federer has already made headlines due to his collaboration with On, a running shoe manufacturer hailing from the tennis pro’s native Switzerland. This partnership has given shoe enthusiasts three unique additions to the athleisure shoe market: THE ROGER Centre Court, Clubhouse and Advantage.

Insofar as it pertains to Federer and On’s latest collab, however, this one is, in every sense of the term, one-of-a-kind.

Moulded after a 3D scan of Federer’s foot, and engineered to suit his specific and unique style of play on the tennis court, THE ROGER Pro is the first on-court tennis sneaker in the On stable – albeit also the shoe that was the initial technology inspiration for all the other products of this joint effort.

THE ROGER Pro most markedly differs from the other shoes in the series (and in all other On shoes) in that it does not feature On’s signature CloudTec® elements. The Pro’s 100% carbon fibre Speedboard™ is still an integral part of this shoe, though, aiding agility on the court. For greater breathability, the Pro has an engineered mesh upper, while the heel and upper have been sculpted for comfort during long sets.

Despite the lack of cloud elements on the sole, innovation still sets the tone. The rubber compound and varied grip pattern were specifically used to limit squeaking on the court, limiting distractions while the Ace is focused on the game.

If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to get your own taste of what it must be like to literally walk in a tennis legend’s shoes, don’t hold your breath just yet. On has announced that THE ROGER Pro is a “one-of-a-kind model Swiss-engineered to Roger’s requirements and not available for purchase.”

On’s co-founder and innovation leader, Olivier Bernhard does assure On fans that this is not the last work that On and Federer will undertake together, though, saying, “On and Roger Federer are constantly working on the next generation of On shoes. Stay tuned for what’s to come.” 

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