The On Cloudnova is the multi-purpose everyday shoe you need in 2021

The On Cloudnova is the multi-purpose everyday shoe you need in 2021

Dubbed On’s first-ever lifestyle shoe, the On Cloudnova has been endorsed by the likes of GQ and Esquire – not traditionally outlets that you would expect to care all that much about running shoes. But with the Cloudnova, On introduces a design specifically engineered for everyday wear, whilst not losing some of this Swiss brand’s signature elements and features.

With a platform that is broader and sleeker than some of the other running shoes in the On stable, the Cloudnova is as suited to the environment it was designed for as it is to the fashionable urban wearers adorned in it on sidewalks in cities everywhere.

If the comfort of On is what made you fall in love with the brand, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the Cloudnova features CloudTec® on the outsole, as well as a Speedboard™ that is made to propel you forward as you navigate the concrete jungle. A padded heel and customisable lacing configuration, as well as the inner sock construction that is also used in On’s running shoes keep your feet comfy, even on the longest city strolls. As versatile as it is trendy, the Cloudnova is meant to do it all, and many wearers report that it’s just as good for everyday use as it is for a quick run on the road.

The Cloudnova was first released about a year ago, just as the world started grappling with the new reality of lockdowns amid the pandemic. The flexibility of the Cloudnova is worth highlighting in this regard. On co-founder David Alleman echoed this sentiment when speaking to GQ, saying, “Our brand is always driven by functional experience. If we were going to do this, it had to be relevant – relevant to our times, and relevant for a new lifestyle that’s emerging.”

It is this approach that necessitated an entirely new design, instead of re-releasing a previous On model in new colourways, for example.

“We felt the new reality that we have right now was asking for a new sneaker. Our generation was already living a life where work, home, play, and sports were all fusing together anyhow, and that process is now happening at lightspeed because there are suddenly 4.9 billion people doing everything at home. If you’re on Zoom conferences right now, you probably see some people in the same hoodie for the whole week, because it’s comfortable and functional and they can do everything they need to in it. We want the Cloudnova to be the shoe equivalent of that,” Alleman told GQ.

Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, the Cloudnova is just another example of how On is far more than a running shoe manufacturer. Check out the Cloudnova at your nearest On stockist.   

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