Look cool and stay warm in training and racing apparel from On

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Look cool and stay warm in training and racing apparel from On

If you prefer training early in the morning, you will have noticed the sun peeking out later and later, and you’ll have felt the first chill of winter in the air.

This is also the time of year when we traditionally take stock of our seasonal racing and training gear, and replace those items that have become worn out. Should you be looking to invest in new sports apparel, take a look at what Swiss manufacturer On has up its sleeve for winter.

On Weather Jacket

Made from ultra-light Japanese fabric, On’s weather jacket caters for all kinds of weather, and because it easily folds into its own breast pocket, this jacket is easy to store, even when you’re out on the trails and don’t have a lot of space available. Because On understands the pitfalls bad weather can bring, the jacket is waterproof – all its pockets provide zip protection for your valuables when it starts pouring – and coated with an advanced durable water repellent (DWR) to ensure that raindrops simply roll off. The jacket’s highly stretchable polyester and elastane fabric is equipped with a micro-ventilation pattern for high breathability when the day warms up. The hood of the jacket has been engineered to stay in place in wet weather, while still allowing for the field of vision you need when you’re running.

Get your On weather jacket here.

On Weather Vest

Great for the transition between autumn and winter, On’s weather vest also features an advanced durable water repellent (DWR) coating and waterproof zippered pockets to keep your belongings safe and dry on runs. Also providing protection against the wind, the weather vest is breathable because of micro-ventilation built into the front, back and sides. If you’re concerned about safety on the road when visibility is low, you’ll be glad to learn about the vest’s reflective features.

Get your On weather vest here.

On Running Pants

You’ll love On’s specially engineered running pants this winter, and we’re convinced you won’t only be wearing them when you train. Superbly comfortable thanks to a combination of Japanese (PA ripstop), Taiwanese (four-way stretch fabric) and Italian (comfort waistbands) textiles, these pants can be adjusted to suit the season with secondary ankle zippers and uniquely designed knee mesh. Store your belongings in a range of versatile pockets and zips, and experience the supreme breathability that you’ve come to expect from On.

Get your On running pants here.

On Long Tights

When your body’s still warming up in the bitter cold of the morning, a pair of long tights is exactly what the doctor ordered. Featuring a blend of polyester and elastane, these tights are form-fitting, albeit comfortably stretchy, all the while keeping you cool with moisture-wicking properties. Protective without being restrictive, On’s long tights are perfect for any season, but you’ll love them even more when the weather really turns cold. Get your pair of On long tights here

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