Fitness challenge encouraging people to just hang on is pure 2021

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Fitness challenge encouraging people to just hang on is pure 2021

The internet has brought us a great many online challenges, and some of these have certainly been more sensible than others – it goes without saying that online challenges often aren’t exactly meant to further healthy habits. Did you know, for example, that the Cinnamon Challenge from a few years back could actually cause significant damage to a person’s lungs?

As the pandemic has forced us all out of our normal fitness routines and online fitness challenges have become especially common, perhaps no fitness challenge quite matches the mood of 2021 so far like the latest one from Rogue, a US-based gym equipment manufacturer.

Dubbed the Cliffhanger Challenge, Rogue encouraged fitness buffs to film themselves hanging onto a pull-up bar for as long as they could, vying for appealing prizes, which include cash and Rogue gear.

The competition, which ended on 8 March, follows another challenge the company set earlier this year, requiring participants to see who could hold on to a 200-pound (90.7kg) sandbag the longest. The Bear Hug Challenge was won by the Canadian CrossFit coach Nani Ourique, who walked away with $2500 and a full strongman bag set from Rogue after holding the sandbag for a whopping 12 minutes and 18 seconds.

If nothing else, the Cliffhanger Challenge definitely feels apt, considering the times we are currently living through, as does its message to just “hang on”.  

Rogue, which is the official equipment supplier to the CrossFit Games, will be putting people’s skills and endurance to the test throughout the year, and anyone can take part, no matter where they are in the world.

Keep an eye on the Rogue website and Instagram page to stay on top of upcoming challenges and see how you measure up against some of the world’s strongest and fittest people.

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