On interview: Ambassador Hannele Steyn on how to reignite a love for running

On interview Ambassador Hannele Steyn - Tifosi Sport

On interview: Ambassador Hannele Steyn on how to reignite a love for running

On-running.com recently conducted an interview with London-based musician and design student, Eleanor Dunlop. After growing apart from running due to developing an unhealthy association with the sport, Dunlop’s love for taking to the road was reignited during the lockdown brought about by COVID-19.

On South Africa decided to send the same questions to some of our On Ambassadors, to gauge how someone who has grown out of the habit can again find the initial spark that led them to running in the first place, and how the lockdown has affected that relationship.

On Ambassador, Hannele Steyn told us her story.

When and how did you discover running?

I started running when I was 13, running middle distance track, cross country, and my big love, biathlon. I carried on running throughout uni, where I also did road running and then discovered triathlon in 1985, which took over my life for the next 10 years.

What brought you back into running?

Unfortunately, I broke my back and had a fusion, which stopped my running in 1997, but I still do hiking and a lot of gym work in my Cloud shoes.

Do you have a set schedule each week?

I have always had, yes.

Do you ever find it hard to get out there?

No, because I always think of how terrible it would be to not go out.

How does running help the rest of your life?

It will always remind me of how fortunate I am to be healthy, and how much blessings I have received throughout my sporting life.

What would you say to someone new to running or sport?

If you have the passion, find a goal, set up a programme, and then pursue it with consistent training – without petty excuses.
Never stop trying. Make friends with physical pain, because the one who can take the pain the longest, succeeds.

What did you fall in love with: running or winning (if you are competitive)?

I loved winning and could never find the same passion for coming second. 🙂

Did 2020 make you value the running/sporting community more than you had?


When you do not feel like training, what inspires you to get out there?

My drive to be the healthiest and fittest I can be at any specific time in my life. I always feel better training, than not training.

What is the best running advice you have received?

Consistency is the mother of all success.

Apart from running/sport what are your passions?

Mountain biking, sketching, music.

Which On shoes are your choice and why?

Cloudventures for the trails, and Cloud All White for corporate social engagements.

Finally, why On?

I have run with many different brands throughout the years and I wish I had a pair of On shoes when I was still running competitively, because they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn – and it’s not that I wonder why, as the scientific explanation on how they work makes so much sense.

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