THE ROGER Center Court and Advantage sneakers are now available in SA

THE ROGER Center Court and Advantage sneakers are now available in SA

South African tennis fans love to claim Roger Federer as one of our own due to the sportsman’s mother having grown up on our shores, but it’s the ace’s latest collaborations with a company based in his native Switzerland that is making local footwear enthusiasts excited.

After the successful release of THE ROGER Centre Court – a collaborative project between Federer and On running shoes – last year, local shoe buffs have been anticipating the arrival of the unique homage to tennis sneakers in South Africa. Now, at last, the wait is over, and Tifosi Sports is proud to be the official distributor of the trendy shoes in the country. But we have another surprise…

THE ROGER Advantage

The ROGER Advantage was officially launched globally on 2 February, with South African consumers able to place their orders via Tifosi Sports on 5 February.

Just like the THE ROGER Clubhouse, THE ROGER Advantage builds on what initially made the Centre Court a shoe unlike anything else.

THE ROGER Center Court was made to provide superior comfort and everyday wear, while its tennis shoe-inspired look is trendy, but timeless. Featuring On’s signature Speedboard and CloudTec technology, you know a wearable shoe is on the cards, whether it’s worn for more vigorous activity or simply as an all-day shoe.

Federer tells Boss Hunting that the collaboration was the result of being “tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes”.

The Advantage is also a tribute to simplicity, Federer continues. “I wanted sleekness… I grew up in the 90s where there was always very bold and big logos, and we hid them away and made it more secret and almost like you will not see the logo.”

With THE RODGER Advantage, everything that was developed in the Centre Court becomes much more streamlined – and affordable.

Just like the Center Court, the Advantage also makes use of hidden Swiss craftsmanship and design in the Speedboard™ and CloudTec® elements, but refines these for what On and Federer believe is their most comfortable collab yet.

The Advantage echoes the clean look of its predecessor, but is now available in a variety of colour options for men and women.

To get your pair of Center Court or Advantage shoes and be among the first to enter the urban jungle with style and comfort to boot, simply order online via the Tifosi Sports website.

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