A letter from Nick Zografos

A letter from Tifosi Sports CEO Nick Zografos - Tifosi Sports

A letter from Nick Zografos

Dear fellow South African and customer,

As an entrepreneur, employer, family man, sports-loving person, and a representative of the On brand, one of the fastest-growing global sports brands in 2020, daily challenges are the name of the game.

The year 2020 will not only go down as the toughest in my professional career, but it will also go down as the year that we had to remain humble, open our minds to change, adopt new strategies, and approach our daily lives in a different manner.

Last year was a tough test for the whole team at Tifosi Sports, but it was also super inspiring to be a part of the global On community. The result was that we far exceeded the goals that we set for ourselves in January 2020.

Despite the SA lockdown restrictions implemented to counter Covid-19, my loyal team remained motivated and inspired. We introduced numerous new styles of On shoes and apparel to our ever-growing number of customers in South Africa. Our theme throughout the year was Great Customer Care. This was complemented with the launch of visually striking footwear from On, incorporating the latest technology developments in running shoes.

Our customers adore the On brand, and this shows in the number of shoes that many of customers now use in their daily lives. Our shoes have now become the go-to footwear for many people, be it to walk around in all day, to take a walk with family and friends, or to hit the road and outdoor trails on a brisk run.

In recent months, many have discovered the power of walking – the fastest-growing activity in the world nowadays. Others discovered the power of running. The result was new knowledge, new perspectives, and new strength.

As a team and a part of the global On community, we have set ourselves stringent targets to further our sustainability endeavours. This will include further use of recycled materials, saving water, and doing what we can to preserve the environment.

The year 2021 will see the Tifosi Sports team grow the On brand by a further 40 to 50 percent. We have already started the year stronger. Despite the adversities that we may face, we as a team are focused to make this year our year.

In the next few weeks, our South African customers will also get to experience the birth of a future classic – The Roger range of shoes. This is only the start…

With all our commitment,

Nick Zografos
CEO – Tifosi Sports (PTY) Limited, and avid cyclist and runner

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