5 holiday fitness activities for the whole family

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5 holiday fitness activities for the whole family

Even if you’re still looking to strictly maintain your fitness regime during the December holidays, there’s something to say for taking a break and having a little fun. Goodness knows, this year almost requires it!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of fun fitness activities geared towards the entire family. Now is the time to reconnect with your tribe, and you’ll be glad you did!

Take a walk

If you aren’t going away this December, and even if you are, daily wind-down walks, or brisk walks to welcome the day are great ways to let your mind go while still doing something productive. Whether it’s going around your neighbourhood or enjoying the scenery of a place that’s not home, walking is the recommended way to literally get away from it all for a while – and the whole family can join in.

Take a hike!

Getting into nature not only nurtures the body, but also does wonders for the soul. A reminder of the beauty of the great outdoors is just what we all need now, and luckily our country is one that offers a great outdoor hiking spot around just about every corner. Find your nearest hiking trail, get the family geared up, and head out.

Have a dance party

How many times have you danced with absolutely no abandon this year? Haven’t you danced in so long that you’re wondering if you’ve still got the groove? There’s no one better to help you rekindle your love for the rhythm than your kids. Their sheer spontaneity will have you shaking like it’s 2004 – and burning calories and getting some cardio in while you’re at it.

Tackle the garden together

Some experts believe that a day of working in the garden is as good as weight training. Gather the younglings, take out the shovels and rakes, and undertake a day of getting the garden ship-shape and ready for summer rendezvous.

Take the pooches to the dog park

Fido will just be elated as his little friends when he finds out a day at the dog park is on the cards! Take along Frisbees and balls to get his heart rate up, and prepare for yours to follow suit!

If there’s one thing many of us have learnt in 2020, it’s that those that are near and dear to us should be cherished, as should the time spent with them. Stay fit and healthy with your family this summer – it’s a great way to head into the new year.

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