Tifosi Sports donates pair of On shoes to young Samaritan that gave his shoes to begging woman

Young Samaritan Keanu de Sousa - Tifosi Sports

Tifosi Sports donates pair of On shoes to young Samaritan that gave his shoes to begging woman

When Keanu de Sousa selflessly took off his shoes and gave them to a woman begging by the side of the road, he wasn’t aware that this kind gesture would soon go viral and allow a light to shine on the spirit of ubuntu that is prevalent across all corners of the Rainbow Nation.

The incident, which was witnessed by Daniel Phaladi, a pastor affiliated with Back to God Ministries, compelled Phaladi to offer Keanu, who is in grade 11, a lift home – the young refused to accept cash, saying that he had not done what he did to gain anything.

Phaladi found out that Keanu’s father had been killed in 2019, following a criminal incident, and that his mother, Tracy de Sousa, was now the sole provider to the family, which includes Keanu and two siblings. Phaladi also became aware that Keanu had recently confided in a family friend that he was considering dropping out of school to help his mother care for his siblings.

“Keanu did not give out of abundance; he literally gave ALL he had. Keanu loves sports; he loves to go to the gym so by giving away the only pair of sneakers, he was basically giving away a part of his life. If this is not a display of divine supernatural love that crosses between racial lines, religious lines, and denominational lines, I don’t know what is,” Phaladi said in a social media post.

Pastor Phaladi made a heartfelt plea via social media to garner support for the De Sousa family, and Tifosi Sports decided to also contribute by gifting Keanu a new pair of On shoes to replace the sneakers he had given to the destitute woman.

Tifosi Sports believes that every individual can make a difference, and we salute Keanu and the many other good Samaritans who do their part for nation building without ever expecting something in return.

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