JAXJOX gives a glimpse into what home fitness might look like in the future

JAXJOX gives a glimpse into what home fitness might look like in the future

The smart home gym company JAXJOX recently secured the $10 million needed to take its interactive fitness studio to market. The company, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track a user’s performance and award wellness scores, among a number of other features, has put together a number of equipment to create what it calls “the home gym with the most variety”.

The JAXJOX all-in-one InteractiveStudio includes a 43-inch touch screen TV (used to display fitness classes and data – the screen can rotate horizontally and vertically, and can even tilt for floor exercises), integrated smart dumbbells and a smart kettle bell (these can be configured to users’ weight preferences, and are also fitted with AI to collect performance data), a smart push-up device, and a massaging foam roller that also vibrates.

JAXJOX claims that the InteractiveStudio is the first home gym “that includes connected free-weight equipment with AI performance tracking and interactive live and on-demand coaching for a personalized workout experience”.

The system awards users a proprietary fitness IQ score that is generated by AI, and includes data related to peak and average power, workout consistency, heart rate, steps, body weight, and the fitness level users choose to attain.

The JAXJOX InteractiveStudio gives users the option to work out on their own or with a friend, and adds to the product offering of similar home-based fitness systems that utilise video and artificial intelligence, like Peleton.

Speaking to Forbes, JAXJOX CEO Stephen Owusu said the IntercativeStudio home fitness system takes a holistic approach to home fitness with a comprehensive system that allows for many types of training and exercise.

“Beyond fitness-tech products, my vision is to close the gap between fitness and health. By monitoring performance metrics and using AI, we can give users a more holistic view of their health and provide recommendations on improving their wellbeing. We know working out is only one aspect of wellness and will continue to enhance our platform to provide an unparalleled experience,” said Owusu.

The JAXJOX InteractiveStudio will be available to users in the US at a cost of $2199, excluding the monthly subscription fee of $39.

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