Buying gear from Tifosi Sports is more affordable with Payflex

Using Payflex with Tifosi Sports

Buying gear from Tifosi Sports is more affordable with Payflex

2020 has dealt a hard financial blow to just about all South Africans, with many forced to cut spending. What does an avid athlete do when their shoes or gear wear out, but they can’t manage to get the full amount together to buy a replacement?

With Tifosi Sports and Payflex, consumers can now get some of the best sports apparel and shoes on the market without having to fork out the full amount at once, and without being charged interest while paying off their purchases.

What is Payflex?

Payflex is a buy-now, pay-later solution that doesn’t charge exorbitant amounts of interest to customers paying off their purchase in instalments. Started in 2017, Payflex has partnered with more than 200 local merchants to date. With Payflex, consumers are able to pay off items over a six-week period without being charged costly credit fees or interest at all.

Customers have the option to select Payflex as the payment gateway when they complete their purchases, which then gives them the option to pay for their order in four interest-free, zero-fee payments over the course of six weeks, with the order being shipped immediately. Payments are split into four instalments, each consisting of 25% of the grand total. Payments are automatically deducted from a shopper’s card every two weeks (the first instalment is paid when the order is placed), with absolutely no extra fees being charged on top of the amount an order costs. 

Tifosi Sports is proud to partner with Payflex to give our loyal customers a chance to more readily afford purchases from our range of sporting apparel and On running shoes.

To make use of Payflex when buying from Tifosi, simply add the item(s) you intend to purchase to your basket as you would normally, and select Payflex as the payment gateway when you check out.

*Payflex is available to South African consumers older than 18 years who have a valid South African ID, and have a debit or credit card issued by Visa or Mastercard.

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