The whole family stays fit with new SA lockdown exercise show

New fitness tv show on DSTV - Tifosi Sports

The whole family stays fit with new SA lockdown exercise show

A new Saturday morning show on SuperSport aims to get the whole family fit with short but vigorous workouts that even the kids can take part in.

Dubbed “The Lockdown Exercise Show”, the programme, which is presented by media personality and wellness architect, Stacey Holland, was developed in order to cater for fitness buffs that are still feeling hesitant to return to the gym, even as lockdown measures have been relaxed.

Speaking to The Saturday Star, Holland says that staying active is especially important as people start taking mental strain as a result of the many consequences of Covid-19.

“Being fit can go a long way in relieving the mental fog, depression and anxiety caused by the uncertainty of a pandemic like Covid-19. Exercise helps us de-stress and releases good hormones, and is an excellent distraction and a way to focus the mind.”

“The Lockdown Exercise Show” doesn’t just focus on specific age groups or fitness levels, but rather tries to give parents and their kids a physical outlet that doesn’t even require them leaving their homes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Parents were thrust into a new, daunting and stressful space of having to occupy their children with meaningful activity for many more hours than they have had to before. In addition to helping out with school work and homework, parents had to find ways to keep their children entertained within the physical confines of lockdown – no school sports, no after-school activities, no playtime at a friend’s home etc.

“Children are naturally energetic, and ensuring they can extend this energy in healthy ways, for example through exercise, is important for their wellbeing. Coupled with this, parents themselves probably found that being motivated to work out became harder the longer the lockdown lasted,” said Holland.

Every episode features a warm-up, a vigorous 20-minute workout, and a cool-down, with a different sports star and two new training partners taking part every week. Routines are often centred on different themes, ensuring that the kids don’t get bored with workouts.

You can watch “The Lockdown Exercise Show” every Saturday morning at 08:00 on SuperSport variety 4 on DStv.

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