Watch out for these workout mistakes when exercising in summer

Watch out for these workout mistakes when exercising in summer

Summer has arrived, but of course, that’s not to say that everyone’s summer body has done the same. Now is the time that many people again head to the gym or trails again, aiming to get their fitness back to pre-winter levels.

With that being said, many workout buffs make crucial mistakes when exercising in summer. Here are five workout mistakes to try and avoid.

  1. Wearing the wrong workout gear

Hotter temperatures mean more sweating. If you’d like to avoid bad odours and drenched clothing, choose cotton blends over polyester and other synthetic materials. Check out Tifosi Sports’ range of moisture-wicking clothing to keep you cool this summer.

  1. Not taking the time of day into account

Temperatures tend to climb earlier in the day during the hotter summer months, which is why you should try and avoid outdoor exercise between 10:00 in the morning and 15:00 in the afternoon. This is when the temperature is typically at its hottest, and when the risk for heat stroke and sunburn is at its highest. Try to schedule your exercise in the morning or late afternoon, and choose shaded paths or trails for even greater protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays.

  1. Only drinking water when you’re thirsty

Everyone knows that staying hydrated when working out is critical, not only for performance, but also to avoid dehydration – a significant danger that can lead to serious health issues. Only drinking water when you feel thirsty on a run or during the workout does very little to counter dehydration. Rather, exercise buffs should try and consistently sip on a bottle of water while working out, and should have some water before they start working out. Because water is used as a way to regulate the body’s temperature in the hotter summer months, this is the time to drink a little more than you normally would in the winter.

  1. Forgetting to slap on some sunscreen

Of course, runners and other outdoor exercise aficionados should always put on sunscreen before heading out, even in the colder months, but it pays to remember that the South African sun can be particularly punishing in summer. It’s best to opt for a sweat-proof sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. If you’re planning a vigorous workout outdoors, reapply sunscreen every 45 minutes to an hour, and reapply every two hours if you’re doing moderate exercise.

  1. Not taking note of electrolyte loss

When we sweat more, we also lose more electrolytes more quickly, which can easily lead to fatigue and the loss of sodium in the body. Don’t only rely on water to replenish your post-workout, but also have additional drinks that top up electrolytes and sodium, like sports drinks, coconut water, or chocolate milk. Keep in mind that many sports and other drinks contain added sugar, though.

Here’s to a fit and healthy summer 2020!

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