The sound of unstoppable: Introducing the On Cloudboom

The sound of unstoppable: Introducing the On Cloudboom

Swiss running shoe brand On has released its latest performance shoe in the form of the On Cloudboom, also entering the so-called “great plate race” with an improved and upgraded carbon-fibre Speedboard.

On’s Speedboard is a mainstay of the brand’s shoes, but truly comes into its own in this latest version. The Speedboard was always built for momentum – as the name quite obviously states. Located between the midsole and the upper of every pair of On shoes, the On Speedboard is meant to maximise forward propulsion, while still providing a comfortable run in conjunction with On’s Cloudtec® technology.

Carbon plate running shoes have become all the rage in 2020, with a number of leading brands opting to reinforce their running shoes with carbon-fibre plates in the midsole. Improvements in technology mean that using carbon-fibre adds very little weight to the shoe itself, while providing great energy return and take-off, driving efficient energy conversion and making for comfortable, lighting-fast runs.

The upgraded Speedboard in the On Cloudboom takes a page from the books of previous On models, but now provides greater explosivity and speed than ever before, making this the perfect On shoe for half marathon and marathon runners looking to take optimal advantage of every stride.

In a first for On running shoes, the Cloudboom also features a twin layer of Cloudtec® in On’s characteristic Helion superfoam. A layer of Helion above and below the Speedboard gives runners the feeling of running on clouds that they’ve become accustomed to – albeit with speed and energy return like never before.

Adjusting the material used in the Speedboard or tweaking its shape or thickness makes every style of On shoes specialised and uniquely crafted to fulfil the primary purpose of the shoe. In the case of the On Cloudboom, the Speedboard’s gentle helix shape helps to mimic the natural motion of the foot, while the carbon-fibre infused material used in the Speedboard gives road runners unrivalled energy efficiency, even if wet conditions.

The shoe has been Swiss-engineered with the city course runner in mind. In the Cloudboom, this translates to the incorporation of a single layer of ultra-light engineered mesh to keep the weight low and to optimally regulate temperature while running. The shoe’s forefoot features reinforced sections to add stability and handle sharp turns on asphalt, while the sole’s new traction pattern gives marathon and road runners grip and stability along every turn.

As South African runners start preparing for the Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons next year, they’ll be looking for a shoe which can handle the terrain and distance, and also provide the support and speed that is needed on endurance runs. The On Cloudboom offers exactly that. Like you’d expect from On, the Cloudboom still makes it feel like you’re running on clouds – but with this new shoe, you’ll also quickly imagine yourself as a Concorde or a Boeing bolting through the skies. Keep an eye on the Tifosi Sports website to secure your supersonic run with the On Cloudboom.

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