On’s Helion™ superfoam provides cushioning without compromise

On’s Helion™ superfoam provides cushioning without compromise

If you haven’t tried an On road running shoe with a Helion™ sole, then you haven’t experienced the latest technology in cushioned and flexible foam.

As On have termed it, Helion™ stands for foam cushioning without compromise. It is lightweight, yet durable, and huge on rebound and temperature resistance – basically everything you need to run on any urban road.

On’s philosophy in shoe design has always been to understand the energy created from both your step and landing during your run, and then convert this stored energy into energy return on your next take-off step. Helion™ now takes this thinking and philosophy even further.

Helion™ is a superfoam that is purposely designed, patented and constructed by the team at On. This revolutionary foam combines rigid and stable sections with more flexible foam elements along the same molecular chains.

Practically, the soft elements within the superfoam load up with energy, as they compress when your foot hits the ground, and the stiffer sections then come into play, as the foam rebounds back to retake its original shape, thereby returning energy into the push-off.

This “propulsion effect” is enhanced by On’s Speedboard™ and CloudTec® cushioning technology, found in each pair of On shoes.

In designing the Helion™ superfoam, special attention was given to ensure increased performance with very minimum weight gain (if any), while not sacrificing durability. As many runners will tell you, every extra gram on a shoe soon adds up if you are running long distances. The prerequisite for the team at the On laboratory was that “the runner should feel only the benefits of the foam, not the shoe itself.” The end result? Exactly that!

The balanced weight of every On shoe with a Helion™ sole is further boosted by the lightweight nature of CloudTec® – the fact is that the hollow cloud elements in On shoes weigh less than a solid slab of foam. Add the ultralight upper of a shoe such as the Cloudswift, and you will really “fly” through your run.

So, in summary, what is unique about On shoes with Helion™:

– Impact cushioning is of vital importance

Helion™ is a fusion of flexible and rigid foam. This combination strikes the perfect balance between soft landings and responsive road feel. The term “impact cushioning” is all about the time it takes for the foam to compress, thereby capturing the energy on landing. The longer this compression takes, the less force the runner feels. It all happens very fast, but the softer elements within Helion™ slow the compression to a rate that delivers a cushioned feel at every step, taking the sting out of hard surfaces.

– On-the-road protection

Running on the road can be hard and jarring on the body, especially when running on tar. Helion™ is engineered to provide the appropriate cushioning and durability without compromising the performance of the shoe.

– Nonstop performance in the heat or cold

The impact of temperature on foam cushioning in running shoes is often underestimated. Helion™ resists the temperature changes to minimise the impact of external conditions on performance.

So, now you have no excuses. Make sure that your next running shoe is a Helion™-soled pair of On. And if you are still not convinced, the vists one of our approved resellers or our Head Office in South Africa, and try a run in one of our Helion™-soled testing shoes.

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