Meet On ambassador, Reinhard Otto

Meet On ambassador, Reinhard Otto - Tifosi Sport

Meet On ambassador, Reinhard Otto

If there’s any one group of people putting On shoes to the ultimate test, it’s the On ambassadors. These athletes have sport and running at the top of their minds more often than most, and also typically spend more time on the road or trails than most of us mere mortals.

Some of On’s ambassadors have kindly agreed to give us their take on their sport of choice, as well as giving their feedback about running in On shoes. If you’ve been in two minds about giving On a go, read on.

We spoke to On ambassador, Reinhard Otto – here’s what he had to say.

  1. Hi Reinhard! Please tell us more about yourself?

I’m a trail junkie and adventure seeker, always looking to push myself harder, both mentally and physically. I’ve also done multiple road races. I’ve been running for almost five years now – could barely run a 5-kilometre race back then, now I’ve done multiple Ironman triathlons, ultra marathons, both on road and off-road, and a few mountain biking events. I love to share my passion and knowledge for running with new runners and helping them achieve their goals.

  1. When and how did you first learn about On running shoes?

It was a couple of years ago. Some of my running friends were running with On. I had just started running longer distances, and they said I needed to try them out. I’ve never looked back and, just like that, I was addicted to On running shoes. I started with their road shoes and moved on to their off-road trail shoes – I just love them!

  1. What was it that attracted you to these shoes when you first discovered them?

They were super comfortable and lightweight, and their designs and colours are awesome!

  1. Which On shoes do you own at the moment?

Cloud X for my shorter races, Cloudflow and Cloudsurfer for longer runs, Cloudventure for trail runs! But I cannot wait for the new Cloudboom and Cloudventure Peak. I’m sure I’ll be able to run close to a 3-hour marathon in Tokyo in 2021 with the new Cloudboom.

  1. Now that you’ve been wearing On for a while, what is it you like most about the shoes?

They are super lightweight, comfortable and durable. My pair of On Cloudflows were the first shoes that did not give me any blisters in the Comrades Marathon – running 90 km blister-free is just amazing!

  1. Do you ever wear your On shoes when you are not working out?

Yes, they are fashionable and comfortable enough to wear to the mall or work.

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