Meet On ambassador, Jenny Close

Meet On ambassador, Jenny Close - Tifosi Sport

Meet On ambassador, Jenny Close

If there’s any one group of people putting On shoes to the ultimate test, it’s the On ambassadors. These athletes have sport and running at the top of their minds more often than most, and also typically spend more time on the road or trails than most of us mere mortals.

Some of On’s ambassadors have kindly agreed to give us their take on their sport of choice, as well as giving their feedback about running in On shoes. If you’ve been in two minds about giving On a go, read on.

We spoke to On ambassador, Jenny Close – here’s what she had to say.

  1. Hi Jenny! Please tell us more about yourself?

I’m Scottish, but have lived in SA for 10 years. I’ve always loved sport – I was keen on running, horse riding and gymnastics when I was young. I competed in athletics for Scotland as a junior, and played lacrosse for Scotland at all levels. I did my first triathlon in 2011, in Cape Town, and was instantly hooked. I’ve done 11 Ironman races, including two world champs in Kona.

  1. When and how did you first learn about On running shoes?

Two years ago. I read about them on social media. I bought a pair of Cloudflows and a pair of the everyday Cloud trainers.

  1. What was it that attracted you to these shoes when you first discovered them?

Their innovative design and great colours.

  1. Which On shoes do you own at the moment?

One pair of Cloudsurfers, a pair Cloudstratus, and three pairs of Clouds.

  1. Now that you’ve been wearing On for a while, what is it you like most about the shoes?

They are the comfiest casual wear trainers I’ve ever worn; hence, I have three pairs of Clouds – white, black and pink!

  1. Do you ever wear your On shoes when you are not working out?

Yes. I love my Clouds for everyday wear – for work, grocery shopping or going for a walk.

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