Meet On ambassador, Irma Sparks

Meet On ambassador, Irma Sparks - Tifosi Sports

Meet On ambassador, Irma Sparks

If there’s any one group of people putting On shoes to the ultimate test, it’s the On ambassadors. These athletes have sport and running at the top of their minds more often than most, and also typically spend more time on the road or trails than most of us mere mortals.

Some of On’s ambassadors have kindly agreed to give us their take on their sport of choice, as well as giving their feedback about running in On shoes. If you’ve been in two minds about giving On a go, read on.

We spoke to On ambassador, Irma Sparks – here’s what she had to say.

  1. Hi Irma! Please tell us more about yourself?

I’m Irma Sparks, an age group competitive obstacle course racer, participating all local OCR races, but specialising in the Spartan Race format (local and international) – I’m also a Spartan Global Brand Ambassador. I compete in the age group 55 to 59 years. I am a personal trainer by profession – I have been for 28 years and have a BSc Sport Science degree from Stellenbosch University. I live in Cape Town, and I’m the mother of a 21-year-old student son.

  1. When and how did you first learn about On running shoes?

The manager of the gym where I work introduced me to On shoes in 2019, and put me in touch with one of the retailers. There, I was introduced to the On shoes rep for Cape Town, who allowed me to test run some of the road and trail running models.

  1. What was it that attracted you to these shoes when you first discovered them?

I was intrigued by the CloudTec technology, and liked the solid grip of the On Cloudventures on the trails. It also is very pleasing on the eye, together with being effective.

  1. Which On shoes do you own at the moment?

I do my road running training with On Cloudstratus, and my trail running and mountain sessions with On Cloudventures.

  1. Now that you’ve been wearing On for a while, what is it you like most about the shoes?

They are good, solid running shoes. I like the broad toebox of the Cloudstratus, and the ability to drain water fast when it comes to the Cloudventure. OCR is a messy, muddy and wet type of sport and it’s crucial that my shoes must “drain” well and fast after water crossings.

  1. Do you ever wear your On shoes when you are not working out?

Yes, I wear my On shoes all the time, and every day for work because I’m a personal trainer. I could definitely do with another pair for work variety.

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