4 fictional sports that are played in real life

Quidditch players during a match at IQA World Cup 2018. Quidditch is a fictional sport - Tifosi Sport

4 fictional sports that are played in real life

Stories have gifted us a treasure trove of unusual games and sports. However, as much as we’d like to play them, some games simply aren’t playable in our world – Jumanji is a perfect example here, exciting as it may seem in the eponymous films.

But some die-hard fans have adapted sports and games from literature in film to be played in real life, and this has led to some of them even appointing governing bodies and federations.

Here are four fictional sports that are also played in real life.

1. Poohsticks

You might have inadvertently played this game before. Taken from the 1928 book Winnie the Pooh: The House at Pooh Corner, by A. A. Milne, Poohsticks mimics the game that the honey-loving bear Winnie and his friends play in the Hundred Acre Wood. The premise for the “sport” is very simple: players stand atop a bridge and drop their sticks on the upstream side, and the first stick to appear under the bridge on the downstream side signals the winner. So popular is Poohsticks, that there is even an annual Word Poohsticks Championship, held over the river Windrush in Langel Common in Witney, Oxfordshire in England.

2. Quidditch

The wizarding world’s most popular game was adapted for the muggle world in 2005. One of the two students at Middlebury College in Vermont who first devised a way to play it would act as the first commissioner of quidditch. 15 years later, 10 rulebooks have been published, and various semi-professional, professional and international leagues and tournaments have been formed and launched. In our world, quidditch – note the uncapitalised spelling to distinguish it from the Quidditch that is played in Harry Potter’s world – is governed by the International Quidditch Association.

3. Calvinball

Calvinball, as devised by Bill Watterson, the creator of the popular comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, is a sport that rebels against the modern idea of organised sports. The only set rule is that the rules of the game must constantly change, the scoring system is as arbitrary as players decide on the fly, and the equipment involved in games may be anything that is on hand when they are played. No guessing why Hobbes called Calvinball the least organised sport among all of sport. As you might have guessed, the “rules” of this game are meant to be a mere guide, and it is played all over the world.

4. Tri-dimensional chess

After this adaptation of chess was first featured on the popular TV series Star Trek in the 1960s, fans went on to create the rules and make their own boards in order to play.

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