Smart ways to pack for your next event

Smart ways to Pack for your next event Tifosi Sports

Smart ways to pack for your next event

If you often travel to events, you’ll know that packing for your trip can be a conundrum. Forget something, and you’re stuck in the middle of an event without the necessary gear. Pack too much, and you’ll spend your time carrying around big pieces of luggage, risking the chance of leaving something important lying somewhere.

Packing and luggage really should be the last thing you worry about when you’re getting yourself mentally ready to perform at your very best. These tips will help you get it right next time.

1. Check the weather

This is the most basic way to make sure you don’t pack anything that is unnecessary or leave something you need at home. Remember to always pack a light jacket, just in case it rains unexpectedly or if it’s cold at night.

2. Pack for comfort

We all want to look trendy and keep up with fashion, but the fact of the matter is that you’re not going to the event to look good, but to perform well. Also, you probably won’t want to wear those fancy shoes after the event, anyway. Pack clothes that are comfortable, or you’ll spend your time lugging heavy bags around and hurting your tired feet while you do it.

3. Remember your eye mask, ear plugs and travel pillow

If you’re traveling by plane or other public transport, these will be lifesavers. Arriving at your event well rested is of the utmost importance if you want to perform at your best, and that requires creating an environment that is quiet and comfortable.

4. Take along enough important medication

Cold medicine, probiotics, diarrhoea medication, electrolyte mixtures and supplements will ensure that you don’t get caught off-guard by any bugs. Have a small first aid kit at the ready for every trip.

5. Pack a foam roller and compression gear

A foam roller makes warming up and down a breeze, and this is an important part of any athlete’s luggage. Think of investing in a travel roller, which also give you a bit of extra packing space, as it is hollow in the middle. Don’t forget to wear your compression gear before and after an event to aid circulation to tired muscles.

Sure, your luggage doesn’t determine your performance at an event, but packing smart certainly helps to avoid stressing about small things, and ensures your focus is where it should be: on getting out there and doing well.

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