Our CEO tells us about his experience with his new On Cloudflash running shoes

Tifosi Sports CEO On-Running Cloudflash Shoes

Our CEO tells us about his experience with his new On Cloudflash running shoes

Our recently appointed CEO, Nick Zografos, is a keen cyclist and regular short distance runner. He may not be the fastest runner on the road, but he does like to light up everything he touches or attempts, be it work or social. He was recently given a pair of the Cloudflash running shoes to try, and he was very impressed with the shoes from his first run in the pair.

“The Cloudflash is meant for high speed running, and it sure does deliver on all counts and expectations,” Zografos told his sales team in their recent training session.

The shoes have the patented CloudTec® sole which truly transforms impact energy into forward momentum. There is no midsole, but the Cloudflash sports the flexible Speedboard, made of responsive Pebax material. The result is an even more explosive push-off than ever before.

“Within the first few minutes of running in my new On running shoes, I noticed that the shoes were light, very quiet on the road, and truly did provide the bounce and added forward momentum that the Portland based On team mentions. The Cloudflash is very comfortable and has helped me improve my times for my morning 10km runs. This running shoe is now my sole running shoe of choice. For me, the On team have delivered on their missions when it comes to my running experiences – they have made running fun for me again,” Zografos continued.

On is a young Swiss sports company based in Zurich, and they have proven time and again that they have the expertise to consistently produce fast running shoes. The Cloudflash is a recent addition to their awesome range of performance running shoes.

Says Nick Zografos, “Tifosi Sports is proud to have been appointed as the official distributor of On Running shoes in South Africa. It gives our sales team additional comfort and motivation in selling the On brand, when we can personally feel and benefit from the On team’s claims that the latest range of On shoes are in line, and/or a class above many of the competitors’ running shoe ranges. In July 2017, we introduced a range of four On running shoes for the SA market. The new and more extensive range of the On running shoes will be officially launched into the South African market in November 2017.

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